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Outsourcing entered the business enterprise and government sector in Singapore during the 1990's and is fast being accepted as a mainstream business practice. Outsourcing is defined as the delegation of non-core operations, such as HR & Payroll from internal production to an external entity specializing in the management of that operation by resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency for the enterprise. As an integral part of manpower solution, Gateway provides the following services:

HR Outsourcing
Outsourcing part of all of the HR function is the way forward for many organizations today. Gateway will handle the time-consuming administrative processes. And, our clients are better positioned to focus on what they do best and what generates income.

The main benefits that our clients will get if they outsource the HR function to Gateway:
• Greater focus on core business
• More control of non-core expenses
• Access to skilled payroll expertise
• Legal complexities of different markets addressed
• Employees are paid on time
• Head count limits can be eased
• Improved HR management leads to improved employee performance
• Ongoing Investment in technology is avoided
• Access to HR technology expertise
• Shift to outsourcing accustoms staff to dealing with rapid change

Contract Outsourcing
Ideal for projects staffing for a specific term as the client may determine the hiring and terms of employment with the selected candidates. The service includes:

• HR and Administrative support
• Employment Documentation
• Payroll Administration
• Benefits and Benefits Administration
• Monthly Report

Payroll Outsourcing
Outsourcing payroll services means that the client forms a strategic relationship with Gateway, and we shall act on behalf of client for the following:

• Payroll Administration
• Processing overtime claims, allowances, reimbursement of expense claims and any other deductions
• Liaison with CPF Board for the employer’s registration
• Monthly salary reconciliation and final settlement for resignees
• Generating payroll reports
• Monthly bank GIRO payment of salary
• Preparing pay slips for employee
• Monthly CPF contribution
• Preparation of NS Reservist Make-up Pay
• Year-end preparation of IR8A


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